Venus Engineering tries to identify his own status from a different out look and which is of a total different experience from any Tom, Dick and Harry’s workshop. The total outfit And inner side of the company keeps a good watch in every step of our productivity in our Daily dealings, so the valued customer of our company can have a faith on us and always be happy.
Any repair or manufacturing of any item either in our workshop or on the ship we has our quality engineer to verify the quality of every item before delivering to the customer. We have learned lots in this way with the help of our quality control. And we try to keep no space For our customer to complain.
We realize to stay in this field, we should be fast enough to serve our customer as there schedule of sailing should not be delayed. So we keep in touch with all our customer and keep them informed of every clarification they need.
Above all the first and last choice of every owner,is the best lowest possible quotation with quality job. Here we assure all the customer of ours and we welcome to verify our prices and judge with others competitors, and we are sure that ours will be the lowest.